Choosing A Stretch Mark Cream For African American Skin


African Americans tend to have more melanin in their skin due to their darker complexions. This can be viewed as a good or bad thing. On one side, more melanin means more protection against the harmful rays of the sun, thus reducing the risk of suffering from skin disorders such as skin cancer. Those with darker complexions are also less likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles. But on the flip side, more melanin is associated with higher risk for blemishes and dark spots.

pregnant womenBlack women may be particularly troubled by stretch marks. Stretch marks are scars that form when the skin breaks as a result of rapid weight gain. These unappealing marks affect 90% of pregnant women. They typically appear during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

Common areas where stretch marks appear include the belly, breasts, thighs, arms and buttocks. Stretch marks tend to be reddish in color for people with fair complexions. African Americans, meanwhile, tend to have stretch marks that are whitish in color.

Because the stretch marks are significantly lighter compared to the rest of the skin, black women may be overly conscious with their uneven skin tone. The marks can be readily noticed. The good news is that stretch marks fade with time. There are cases in which the marks may even vanish completely. However, some scars may be left behind, requiring topical treatments to allow you to get rid of them.

There are many options when it comes to removing stretch marks. But first, you have to understand that there is no product which can prevent them from occurring. Do not believe any marketing hype surrounding a product which claims to protect you from getting stretch marks. As mentioned, these scars are caused when the layers of the skin break due to fast weight gain. The best course of action to prevent stretch marks is to maintain a healthy weight.

With that myth aside, you can now focus on finding the right stretch mark treatment. If you have visited the health and beauty aisle at the supermarket, then you have probably seen an array of skin products which are designed to remove stretch marks.

stretch mark creamsYou may even find products that are catered toward African Americans. Take note, however, that not all beauty products are created equal.

Do not make the mistake of settling for the one with the cheapest price tag. You have to read the product label carefully and browse through the list of ingredients to ensure that all the substances are safe.

The ingredients you should go for are Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Natural oils are good sources of Vitamin E, such as sweet almond oil, safflower oil and avocado oil.

Vitamin E does wonders for the skin as it locks in moisture, helping the skin to remain hydrated at all times. A lot of people also swear by hyaluronic acid, with some saying that their stretch marks have faded after just 12 weeks of consistent use.

You will also find a lot of retinoid-based stretch mark creams on the market. They are very popular simply because this ingredient has been proven to be extremely effective at diminishing the appearance of stretch marks.

Retinoid helps speed up the healing process of the skin, so the damaged cells can regenerate faster. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot use retinoid creams.

There are many stretch mark creams for African American skin on the market, but you have to ensure that you are using one with safe ingredients. Avoid using any product with harmful chemicals to prevent further damage to your skin. In addition, it is best to practice preventative measures to minimize the occurrence of stretch marks such as maintaining a healthy weight and keeping the skin moisturized.


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