For Nursing Moms Only: Stretch Mark Cream and Breastfeeding


The essence of being a woman is to bear a child. This is the nature of most women out there. However, this does not mean that they should suffer from the after effects of pregnancy. Having stretch marks is one of the many undesirable excercise for remove stretch markseffects of pregnancy.

Although these marks will disappear over time and with proper exercise, most women would prefer to erase them as soon as possible, even while they are breastfeeding.

That is the reason why women are searching for answers regarding stretch mark cream and breastfeeding. The real questions for nursing moms is if these creams have an effect on mothers and their breastfed babies.

There are several stretch mark cream brands on the market these days. Most of them say that they are safe to use, even for nursing mothers. That is why it is important to choose the right one in order to secure the safety of the mother and the baby too, of course.

Stretch Mark Cream and Breastfeeding: What Moms Need to Know

A pregnant woman’s stomach normally stretches in order to make way for the growing fetus. When this happens, the organs in the gastric area go up towards the chest wall. This should happen in order to accommodate the fetus growing inside the uterus. During the nine months of conception, the mother’s skin in her abdominal area will stretch to its limits. After pregnancy, this results in a number of stretch marks.

pregnancy stretch marksYou must not think that your baby is always safe after delivering it to this world. This is because there are many factors that could endanger your baby’s health, for sure. One of which is the post-pregnancy products you are using.

Do you want to bring back your flawless white skin just like before you were pregnant? If so, then there is a need for you to know if the products you are using do not cause harm to the baby.

When you are breastfeeding and still serious about getting rid of your stretch marks, you should ask yourself first. Can you use stretch mark cream when breastfeeding? Then, find answer to this question.

When you have done your research regarding this matter, don’t just decide to buy it because of its promises of giving you back your flawless skin. You should consider the ingredients and its formula if it is safe for you and the baby.

Things to Remember When Buying Stretch Mark Creams

Majority of these products claim that they are safe and effective. However, always bear in mind that not all of them are true to their words. Most of these products do not work, even if you have spent a lot of money and time with it. Women go to great lengths in order to prevent or eliminate the occurrence of stretch marks. Nevertheless, you must be a smart and responsible buyer.

Dermatologically tested stampIt is important for you to stay clear of products that have Retin-A and other topical retinoids. In addition, avoid undergoing laser skin treatments, since your skin is still undergoing self-repair after a nine months of a long pregnancy.

Also make sure that the product you buy is dermatologically-tested. This would make you feel comfortable about the efficiency and safety of the product that you are about to try.

Furthermore, dermatologists don’t just approve a certain product. They give out information about its formula. They use statistical methodologies in order to signify that the product has been tested and proven safe and effective to use.

Check if these products contain parabens. What is a paraben, by the way? These are preservatives commonly found in skin and hair care products. Nevertheless, some studies suggested that the use of parabens might be harmful to one’s health. It erodes the skin and scalp, making it an easy hunting ground for harmful microorganisms that cause diseases.

Another thing to look out for is if the creation of the product is through using natural ingredients. That’s right, natural ingredients are safer and effective. Be wary of those that are using synthetic ingredients, since they can mix with your breast milk, in which the baby ingests. This can lead to a hefty load of health problems, and no mother Talking with doctorwould want that.

Lastly, but most important of all, you should get the advice of your doctor. Ask him or her if your choice of stretch mark cream is safe for you to use while breastfeeding.

Doctors are the right people whom you can talk to about you and your baby’s health. Mothers address stretch marks cream and breastfeeding differently. The most important contributors for getting rid of stretch marks are through proper diet and exercise.

You must work with your doctor in order to deal with your stretch marks, though. Do not eat foods that will make you gain more weight than recommended. In addition, light exercises, such as walking and yoga can help bring back your skin’s prior condition.

Always bear these things in mind, so that you will become a mother who is happy and healthy, free from stretch marks, and nursing a perfectly healthy baby, too.


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