16 Simple Methods for Removing Unsightly Purple Stretch Marks


16 Simple Methods for Removing Unsightly Purple Stretch Marks

Let’s face it, purple stretch marks are annoying. Because of their dark appearance, they can be easily noticed and once you have them on your legs, it may be a challenge to wear your favorite short dress or pair of shorts again. In general, stretch marks have a tendency to disrupt your life. This is why many have been working tirelessly to discover effective ways to be rid of purple stretch marks for good.

When stretch marks are new, they take on a dark color, such as purple and red. These may be quite visible to the naked eye and therefore, hard to conceal. The good news is since they are new, this kind of stretch marks are easier to treat than others.

When it comes to purple stretch marks vs. white ones, these darker colored stretch marks are easier to remove, as they are still new on the skin.  Those that have already taken on a silvery white appearance are relatively older and therefore, more challenging to remove.

Making Purple Stretch Marks Go Away: 16 Easy and Effective Ways

Do purple stretch marks go away? The truth is, with the right remedy, this kind of stretch mark may just fade completely from your skin, but it could take some time. If you would like to encourage the healing process of your stretch marks, here are some of the easiest and most effective methods to do just that:

1. Treat Purple Stretch Marks on Your Stomach With Castor Oil. You may not know it, but castor oil is quite effective when it comes to treating a number of skin problems, including moles, age spots, dark spots, pimples, wrinkles, fine lines and yes – purple stretch marks.
To treat the stretch marks on your stomach with castor oil, simply follow these steps:

  • Apply some oil on the affected area.
  • Massage the oil in a circular motion for about five to 10 minutes.
  • Afterwards, wrap or cover the area with a cotton cloth
  • Apply some heat. a heating pad or a hot water bottle, but try not to make it too hot. You don’t want to burn yourself.
  • Keep the heating pad or hot water bottle on your stomach for about half an hour. This should feel relaxing.
  • For more effective results, repeat this procedure daily for at least a month.

2. Try Some Aloe Vera. Aloe vera has a number of soothing and healing properties, making it suitable for treating a host of skin problems. For stretch marks, the aloe vera plant has been shown to be effective when it comes to treating them from the inside, allowing them to become less visible in no time.

To make your own aloe vera treatment gel for stretch marks, just combine 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel along with oil from five vitamin A capsules and oil from 10 vitamin E capsules.

Mix them together well before rubbing the mixture on your skin. Apply this homemade gel every day for best results.

Another aloe vera treatment gel you can make at home involves adding four tablespoons of olive oil to the gel recipe above. The olive oil also helps keep your skin smooth and supple.

3. Scrub On Some Sugar. If you are looking for a DIY body scrub recipe that can get rid of unwanted purple stretch marks, then you might to try one that’s made with sugar. These sweet crystals are said to be effective when it comes to exfoliating dead skin cells from the body. The process of exfoliation also helps increase the body’s blood flow towards the stretch marks, letting them fade faster.

To remove your purple stretch marks, especially on the back with sugar, simply make your own sugar stretch mark scrub by combining a tablespoon of raw sugar with a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil.

Mix these well together and apply on all of your purple stretch marks. Alternatively, you can also make a simple sugar scrub by just making a paste with a tablespoon of raw sugar and several drops of water.

Massage this sweet mixture on your skin for about 10 minutes and wash it off afterwards. You can give yourself a sugar scrub every day before you take a shower. Do this for at least a month for more effective results.

egg white4. Try an egg white skin mask. Believe it or not, egg whites are miraculous when it comes to purple stretch marks. That is because they are naturally rich in both amino acids and protein. What this means is that egg whites are capable of repairing skin that has already been stretch too much, therefore making purple stretch marks appear much less visible.

To make your own homemade egg white stretch mark skin mask, simply crack two eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Using a fork, whip the egg whites slightly. Afterwards, apply the whipped egg whites to your stretch marks and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Once that is done, just rinse the egg whites off your skin and pat it dry. Apply some olive oil on the affected area to help keep your skin moisturized. Doing this also helps improve collagen in your skin so that stretch marks can go away faster. For best results, give yourself an egg white skin mask daily for at least two straight weeks.

5. Drizzle Some Olive Oil on the Purple Stretch Marks On Your Inner Thighs. You may want to stock up on some extra bottles of your favorite olive oil for this. Since it is naturally rich in vitamin E, which is important in keeping the skin healthy.

When your skin has more than enough moisture, the tendency for your purple stretch marks to be visible are much less. Olives themselves are also a good source of antioxidants and having a rich supply of oxygen on the area of your skin with stretch marks helps make them less visible over time.

To start your olive oil stretch mark skin remedy, just warm up the olive oil until it’s lukewarm. Massage the oil all over the affected areas in your body. This would also be good for unwanted stretch marks in your inner thighs. Wait about an hour for the olive oil to be fully absorbed by your body. Apply olive oil on your skin daily for best results.

6. Massage Your Purple Stretch Marks Away With Lemons. Lemon is also a good skin exfoliator, helping to make stretch marks much less visible. Not to mention, it is also has some natural bleaching properties.

fresh lemonTo treat your purple stretch marks with a lemon massage, simply cut one fresh lemon into two. Squeeze out the juice and massage it into your purple stretch marks gently. After about 10 minutes, rinse your skin thoroughly using warm water. Do this daily for more effective results.

For a more refreshing twist, you can also mix in some cucumber juice into the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix them together well before applying it to your purple stretch marks. Wait for the mixture to dry on your skin before rinsing it with water. You can also repeat this lemon skin routine daily.

To make a homemade lemon cream for your purple stretch marks, you can also combine half a cup of cocoa butter with two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix the two together well before applying them to your stretch marks.

Rub the cream onto your skin in a circular motion. Let the cream dry on your skin before rinsing it off water. This is also safe to repeat daily.

7. Sprinkle Some Alfalfa on the Purple Stretch Marks on Your Legs. Alfalfa leaves contain a number of vitamins and nutrients that are vital in restoring the skin’s natural beauty, thereby easily making stretch marks much less visible. These include vitamins E and K, as well as amino acids.

To make your own homemade alfalfa stretch mark remedy, simply combine some alfalfa powder with a bit of chamomile oil. Mix together well until the mixture forms a paste. Massage this paste on to your stretch marks for about five minutes. Afterwards, leave this on your skin for about ten to 15 minutes.

Rinse off the paste with water. For best results, put this alfalfa paste on your purple stretch marks at least two to three times a day. In just one week, you will see your stretch marks starting to fade.

lavender oil8. These Oils Can Make Those Purple Stretch Marks on Your Thighs Disappear. Almond oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil can combine to make an effective remedy for purple stretch marks that also leave you smelling nice.

Just combine half a teaspoon of each in one bowl. Stir the mixture together well before applying it all over your stretch marks. The oils should be absorbed into your skin in no time, so there is no need to wash your skin after applying them.

9. Make a Fresh Apricot Mask. The next time they are in season, you might want to stock up on fresh apricots because you can easily use these fresh fruits to treat your purple stretch marks effectively.

To do this, you need to make a fresh apricot mask for your skin by simply cutting them and removing the seeds. Grind the fruit well in order to form a paste. Afterwards, apply this paste to all of your stretch marks. Leave this on your body for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

For best results, apply this apricot mask regularly on your purple stretch marks for a month.

10. Slap on Some Cocoa Butter. A number of experts agree that cocoa butter is effective in making the skin soft and supple. It also helps break up scar tissue in the skin, preventing any new scars or stretch marks from forming. This is why cocoa butter is also a great remedy at making purple stretch marks disappear.

To make your own cocoa butter stretch mark cream, just combine half a cup of cocoa butter with a tablespoon of wheat germ oil, a teaspoon of apricot kernel oil, a teaspoon of vitamin E oil and two teaspoons of grated beeswax. Heat the mixture together until the beeswax becomes completely melted.

Let the mixture cool before storing this cream in a jar. To treat your purple stretch marks, just apply this cocoa butter cream to your marks twice a day. Store the jar in your refrigerator afterwards for your next use.

Potato11. Put Some Potato Juice on Your Purple Stretch Marks. Potato juice is rich in a number of minerals and vitamins that help restore your skin cells so that your stretch marks will fade and you no longer have to worry about them in the future.

To treat your purple stretch marks with potato juice, simply cut one medium potato into thick slices. Take one of the potato slices and rub it gently on all over your stretch marks. This is something that can also be readily done to treat purple stretch marks on the stomach for the male person who wants nothing to do with creams or gels.

Leave the potato slice on the affected area until the potato juice becomes dry. Wash it off your skin with some lukewarm water.

12. Give Your Purple Stretch Marks Some Coffee. Coffee grounds are said to be remarkable when it comes to making purple stretch marks appear less visible due to its caffeine content. These grounds also make for an ideal body scrub, which helps remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and supple.

To make your own coffee stretch mark body scrub, simply grind three cups of coffee in your grinder before mixing it with three tablespoons of olive oil. Mix this well together and apply all over your stretch marks. Rub the coffee mixture on your skin while applying a bit of pressure for about five minutes.

Afterwards, wrap the affected area with a towel and leave on for about 30 minutes before rinsing the coffee grounds off. For more effective results, give yourself a coffee body scrub regularly.

Alternatively, you can also make a coffee stretch mark scrub by combining the coffee grounds with some aloe vera gel. Mix this together well before massaging it into your purple stretch marks for about three to five minutes. Leave this on for about 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Afterwards, apply a moisturizer or olive oil on your skin. For best results, apply this coffee scrub regularly for a month.

13. Exercise Your Purple Stretch Marks Away. If you like to sweat, then this is the best stretch mark remedy for you. Regular exercise not only makes the body healthy, it can also make your unwanted stretch marks fade or even go away completely.

Leg lifts are particularly effective in making those purple stretch marks on your legs disappear. To get started, just lie flat on your back and have your legs stretched out in front of you. Bend your knees before raising your legs. Straighten up your legs until your feet are pointing at the ceiling. Lower your legs and repeat.

Crunches are good for helping reduce the purple stretch marks on your stomach. To start, just lie on your back while keeping your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands right behind your head with your elbows held out to the sides. Tilt your chin slightly while pulling your abdominals inward. Curl up your body forward and hold the pose for a moment before lowering your back down. Repeat the steps.

Squats are excellent in helping remove purple stretch marks on your buttocks, hips and thighs. To begin, stand straight with your feet a bit wider than your hips and your toes pointed slightly outwards. Breath in and start sending your hips backwards. With your back straight, squat down while keeping both your knees in line with your feet. Bring yourself up and repeat the exercise.

Triceps extensions prove to be the perfect workout to get rid of those unwanted purple stretch marks on your arms as it helps tighten your body’s loose triceps. To begin, stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and with both your hands holding a dumbbell. Lift the dumbbell over your head with your arms fully extended.

Make sure that the resistance is resting in the palm of your hands with both your thumbs around it. Also your upper arms close to your head with your elbows in and perpendicular to the floor. When you are sure of your stance, go ahead and lower the resistance in a semicircular movement just behind your head until you can see your forearms touching your biceps. Return to the starting position by raising the dumbbell again and repeat.

To help reduce those purple stretch marks on your thighs, you can also do some simple thigh exercises every day, even while you are on your way to work. You can do this by doing some walking and cycling. Running also makes for a great thigh workout as well.

intense exercises14. Consider Using a Stretch Mark Cream. When you don’t have time whip up anything in your kitchen or do some intense exercises to reduce the appearance of your purple stretch marks, a good stretch mark cream just be the right solution for you.

Depending on the ingredients in them, a stretch mark cream can be effective in either making your purple stretch marks less visible or removing them entirely. They also tend to contain a moisturizing ingredient to keep your skin softer and smoother to help keep stretch marks away in the future.

One of the most highly recommended stretch mark creams in market today is known as Skinception. It is said to be made up of a number clinically proven ingredients to make sure that stretch marks disappear from wherever they are affecting you, whether it is on your buttocks, thighs, stomach, upper arms or breasts.

This cream also promises to make your unsightly purple stretch marks become as much as 72.5 percent less visible after just using Skinception regularly for two months. The ingredients in this cream also help keep any other future stretch marks from affecting your skin.

15. Ask Your Doctor About Laser and Light Therapies. For some people, they cannot be bothered to develop a skin regimen and are also too busy to exercise to remove their purple stretch marks. This is where several cosmetic treatments come in.

Laser removal is one of the most common procedures recommended to help remove stretch marks. For this, a pulse-dye laser is used to make the stretch marks much less visible. For this procedure to become effective, however, a patient needs to have a minimum of five laser removal treatments each month.

Another clinical option that is done surgically is through a tummy tuck. Here, excess skin is removed from the patient’s body. In the process, the unwanted purple stretch marks are also removed.

drinking lots of water16. Get More Hydrated. This is perhaps the simplest way to be rid of your unwanted purple stretch marks. Many experts have said that drinking lots of water daily helps keep a lot of skin problems away, including stretch marks.

When your skin is well hydrated, your skin pores are regularly able to detoxify itself. Hydrated skin is also is more flexible, helping prevent skin from cracking when it gets stretched. In contrast, dehydrated skin can make the appearance of purple stretch marks more severe.

To make sure that you are consuming enough water each day, be sure to drink as much water as half of your body weight in ounces. That means if you weigh 130 pounds, you need to drink about 65 ounces of water each day.

To keep you well hydrated throughout the day too, it helps to each a number of vegetables and fruits with high water content. These include broccoli, eggplant, green cabbage, tomato, peppers, spinach, cantaloupe, peaches, pineapple and oranges.

The good news is purple stretch marks can be readily treated so you don’t have to worry about having to deal with them for life. Just figure out which method works best for you and watch those annoying marks fade away.


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