The Best Stretch Mark Cream For African-american Women


Eliminating stretch marks from the darker skin tones of African-American women tend to be more challenging than with fair complexions. Unfortunately, stretch marks occur when the skin is overstretched during weight gain, pregnancy, or rapid growth.

elastin to keep up with the stretchingIn fact, the skin expanding at a rapid rate tears because it cannot produce enough collagen and elastin to keep up with the stretching. As a result, tiny micro tears start the formation of stretch marks (striae) that can get worse over time.

Typically, the best way to reduce the potential of stretch marks is to take steps to prevent them altogether. If pregnant, it is important to moisturize the belly each day, as a way to increase elasticity of the skin.

In addition, it is best to avoid any additional unnecessary weight gain using exercise and diet for control.

Unfortunately, most African-American women do not realize that they are developing stretch marks until they begin to appear on the skin. However, at this point there are still steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of scarring that cause unsightly stretch marks, and reduce their appearance.

Applying the best stretch mark cream for African-American women can help lock in moisture into the skin and provide essential nutrients to ensure that the scar will gradually fade away.

The Appearance Of Striae

The Appearance Of Striae

Striae, or stretch marks, tend to be an irregular area of skin that appears as a line, stripe or band. Striae often appears as a parallel streak of brown or red that is glossy in thin to the touch.

When left untreated, they can become scar like an appearance, with a whitish tone.

Many stretch marks become slightly depressed, or can be raised, and often have a different texture and sensation when compared to normal skin.

The Effects Of Striae

Fortunately, striae are not detrimental to health. However, aesthetically, many African-American women find it challenging to live with. In fact, many women alter their wardrobe selections, and avoid wearing sleeveless tops, if The Effects Of Striaestretch marks appear on the upper arms, or avoid wearing shorts, if striae appear on the legs.

In addition, many African-American women avoid swimming altogether, if the striae are visible when wearing a bathing suit.

While there are women that feel comfortable in understanding that striae are a normal part of life, most women are very self-conscious and take great strides to hide the visible signs of stretch marks.

Surgical Alternatives

Out of all the available topical creams that produce optimal results, some African-American women choose surgical alternatives instead. The results of surgery techniques are often dependent on a variety of factors including skin tone, age, and diet.

Dermabrasion procedures are availableDermabrasion procedures are available. This minimally invasive plastic surgery technique can smooth out skin through a surgical scraping process. In addition, chemical peels are also an additional solution that helps smooth out damaged skin using a chemical agent.

Unfortunately, darker skin can be permanently disfigured or become blotchy after the completion of the skin refinishing treatment.

Laser treatment is also an available option for African-American women. The treatment involves emitting light. Unfortunately, darker skin pigmentation tends to absorb light with more intensity than fair skin, and it can be challenging to treat with lasers.

Any treatment that produces improper results could also produce hypopigmentation injury, where the skin is lightened instead of repaired, or hyperpigmentation, where the skin becomes significantly darker.

Some African-American women that have excessive levels of striae on the belly after pregnancy, or after significant weight loss, choose to have a tummy tuck. The surgical procedure physically removes the stretch marks permanently. It is always best to have tummy tuck surgery after women are finished having children to avoid the area from becoming re-stretched.

All forms of surgery involve risk. Dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser surgery can produce proper results in African-American women with dark pigmentation. However, it is crucial to select a physician that has years of experience in treating the skin of individuals with darker pigmentation.

creams have been formulated with ingredients provenCream Treatments

There is a huge assortment of stretch mark cream specifically designed for African-American women. Many of these specialized creams have been formulated with ingredients proven effective at removing stretch marks.

They often include vitamin A ingredients like Retin-A, formulated to increase production of collagen in all of the affected areas.

In fact, these creams tend to produce the best results on new stretch marks, compared to older ones. In fact, the vitamin A treatments can cause skin sensitivity issues if used improperly, by women that are not following specific directions on the label.

Other creams are formulated with tretinoin, or a type of vitamin A in acidic form. This ingredient has been shown to be highly effective in helping African-American women rebuild collagen as a way to smooth out the appearance of skin damaged by striae.

this ingredient can cause hyperpigmentationHowever, this ingredient can cause hyperpigmentation (excessive darkening of the skin) if applied incorrectly. Because of that, it is essential to follow a doctor’s guidance.

Fortunately, striae are not a life threatening condition. It is important to understand that the affected area needs the proper nutrients to heal.

The nutrients can be applied through an effective stretch marks cream specifically designed for African-American women. When applied according to directions, it can produce optimal results and eliminate the unsightly appearance of striae.

When selecting the best stretch mark cream for African-American women, it is important to choose those that have high quality ingredients.


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